Monday, February 4, 2013

"Hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dam nikle
Bohat niklay mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikle

Daray kyon mera qaatil? kya rahega us ki gardan par?
Voh khoon, jo chashm-e-tar se umr bhar yoon dam-ba-dam nikle"

Ghalib Mirza Asadullah Khan

Thursday, January 3, 2013

'..kahin toh...hogi woh...dunya jahan tu mere paas hai...'

Monday, October 29, 2012

And when they met their bodies decided to do what their souls were meant to. Their lips melted into each other evoking the suppressed emotions that had been longing to express themselves. In the half shadows of the darkness, their fingers merged into the crevices between the fingers of each other's hands and thus intertwined their heart beats. His pulse began flowing in her veins as their minds identified every moment of this virgin experience with striking familiarity as if these figments of time had been in the eon forever. 

His fingers slid all over the contours of her graceful form with smoothness and studied intent. The sensations that emerged traveled both ways to both hearts piercing them with pangs of ecstasy. In a mellow moment of love, she wrapped her arms around his back and pressed down her head on his bare chest and acknowledged the beat of his heart which seemed to echo her name. Words seldom pursued from their lips but sighs of pleasure occasionally interfered with the harmony that fluidly filled the air. With each caress their skins made, with each flicker their tongues made on each other's bodies their hearts professed undying love.

Every time her hands caressed his manhood he felt the purity of her love flooding in him. Every dent he made on her feminine tenderness he silently promised his affection for her...for as long as he would live...Sometimes they both became still and then she locked her mesmerizing eyes on his inebriated teary eyes drawing out every ounce of pain and guilt, replacing it with her boundless love.

Their bodies kept anticipating every movement and responded with a sense of lucid fidelity and honesty as they traversed improbable universes where timid stars outshone the mighty harsh suns, staying afloat on incessant streams of azure drops that flowed through pristine skies and across whiffs of magical fragrance of first blooms..moving towards a blissful culmination dripping with satiety and peaceful completeness.    

It was all a dream and like ever it was weaved to break. It did. It was too perfect to last. But this was their dream and just like their relationship it had something which defied an end. Their dream fulfilled itself in their hearts and filled their hearts with this incomplete dream. That is how it had always been..flawfully incomplete and yet assuringly perfect. Reaffirming like Life.

Fate like always was just round the corner of those hours waiting to take them apart but they knew it wouldn't ever really succeed. There will always be that little light they planted in each other's souls..which playfully befriended, burnt with consuming passion, shone with ardent love, toiled in heart break, wept in estrangement and now promised to guide their separated paths.  

Friday, October 12, 2012

♪ ♫ ...Like the sunshine ♫

He thrust out his finger through the rolled down glasses of the window as if playfully poking an invisible someone in the air. his feeble finger slashing through the speeding air. The chill in the air was back ... that time of the year was back.

The 'City of joy' was unnervingly silent at that deathly hour of the night. The city's Victorian streets sans the usual bustle and the notorious traffic was a breeze for the taxi driver. In the hope to pack up for the day the driver veered through the empty roads as fast as he could.

The mood at the back seat of the taxi was in stark contrast. He was unhurried now. A sense of unfulfillment had become complete within him. His journey went on but there was no destination in mind any longer.

As the rickety taxi's speedometer clocked 100 kms an hour, light posts along the smoggy streets whizzed back at tremendous speeds. Painful memories , however, swept slowly across his mind. The unperturbed, nonplussed expression on his face hardly changed. The stench of ammonia waft across the region which meant close he was drawing close to the end of his ride. The smell was pungent enough to make even the callous taxi man flinch in disgust but strangely didn't elicit even the slightest repulse from him.The booze had dampened his senses or maybe he was just too lost in his preoccupations. 

The sleepy driver, swerved alarmingly on a turn that was supposed to lead them towards the destination. Lost in his streaming thoughts he was oblivious of the fact that the driver had failed to negotiate the sharp turn and the taxi toppled like a beast off balance. For a few excruciating moments he saw the gravelled road and the dispersed halo of the street lamps alternately in the tumbling unevenness of the yellow glow cast by the rolling car's headlights until the car frictioned to a deadening halt.

As the rays of the following morning swept away the last remains of the dark night, the cops stood at the cordoned site of the crash. The passenger at the back seat had suffered a broken neck and could not sustain the injury. From within the mangled body of the taxi, from the back seat, among other things was retrieved a burnt bouquet of trampled lilies with a small note on it saying "Happy Anniversary".     


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

8:55 PM

Her : Can I ask you something ? (sobbing)
Him : Hmm 
Her : will you love me forever ?
Him  : (silence)
Her : (after prolonged silence) Please reply
Him : Yes
Her : (after brief silence) Hmm
Him : Can I ask you something ?(sobbing and hesitant)
Her : Hmm... 
Him : Will you be mine forever ?
Her : (silence)
Him : hmm.... (silence follows)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

End of August

There's a guy, not too old, lives in the opposite villa. Not much of him is known to me. Tall guy, bearded and sparse greying hair. Behaves queer.

Portions of his living room is visible from the window of my room. Vast empty space with just a table , a small refrigerator, an old fashioned television set and a recliner. A minimalist it seems.

On quiet nights, through the worn out curtains blown by the cool breeze, he is seen lying on the recliner. the TV (volume muted) streaming a medley of images cast strange shadowy shapes of flickering light that leaped all over the otherwise dark hall. There were electric lights in the house though, I suppose, there must be !
 He did not seem to watch the programs being aired. The mute live TV just seemed to fill in for a companion.

People sometimes say he is/was married. Some even claim to have seen his wife in yesteryears. There's a little photo frame with a lady's picture in it, he sometimes carries to the balcony and stares silently at it for hours leaning over the parapet. Maybe that's his wife. Not many visitors come by apart from a sweet little girl who comes along occasionally for a few hours in a chauffeured car. The silent old guy sports a rare bright smile on those days. Even the little one seems to enjoy his company.

The man becomes oddly strange when it rains. Sometimes he just stands and stares at the falling drops, imagining things or maybe remembering things in the past. At lengths, his distant gaze turns into a faint smile or a little tear in the corner of his eye.

Last night, when it rained, the guy emerged from the dark hall, a drink in his hand.He stood in the balcony staring at the falling drops. The street light in the lane faintly illuminated his face which revealed his swollen eyes. He held out the drink in his hand into the rain until few drops splashed into his glass. He then sipped from it slowly. Then, weak and heavy, he collapsed to the balcony floor, falling down on his knees. His bowed head clutched in his hands. I could hear him sob for quite sometime after which he just got up and disappeared into the insides.

The glass from which the left over drink spilled on the tiled balcony floor kept rolling there.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

2:05 AM

Her : I am just a part of your life...just like any other part...I am not your life...
Him : (silence) (jarring disturbance over the phone line)
Her : What is it ?
Him : Nothing
Her : Hmm...You consider me your life (?)....
Him : (silence)