Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Freeway

He raced past another milestone.His fingers breezing on the steer wheel as the wind whistled past his ears. The huge sun sinking beneath an unnumbered horizon left the entire basin awash with mellow orange, promising to dawn in hope. The dull stench of the loamy top soil typical to the region entered him intermittently.

He kept smiling to himself all the while. .There were no fetters now No frets either. People, few of whom mattered, had approved…the rest frowned, cursed and raised eyebrows. None of this made sense now. He had ,anyways, left all of them behind.

He had now arrived at that lonely stretch of the highway where very few commuters would bother to accompany.

He again whizzed past yet another milestone. Thoughts of his sweetheart and life (whatever was left of it) with her left his heart warm and peaceful.

The door creaked open as she, still standing tall, carried herself out into the dusk and stood leering into the distance longingly...awaiting him.


wildflower said...

u'v captured that feelin of imposed indifference very exactly..there must b some beauty in abandoning everythin.. n still havin her thoughts intact..

Pragyan said...

Mature and a writing which only those who have experienced it will understand...really thoughtful