Tuesday, December 22, 2009


…Simple everyday events have such extraordinary beauty. The sun radiates livening warmth all day long The tall pines sway to the music of the playful winds. The scent of the soil as it drizzles on the parched earth. The little animals that graze all day long on the lush meadows …..and the evenings, when the feathered flocks fly homebound ,the crescent moon peeps up in the azure sky to lit the dark up in a dim idyllic glow….

I, of late though, was hardly noticing all this. I and my Bud were contended together. Ever since it blossomed I was preoccupied with it day in and day out. Every day I woke up not to the Sun’s bright warmth but to the glistening dew on its delicate petals. I admired not the tall swaying pines but the tender twirls of its jejune tendrils. I relished not the smell of the wet dust kicked off by the drops but the intoxication in the whiff of Bud's enamored fragrance. The ascent of the moon appealed to me no longer but my Bud’s wilting like a pliable lass at day end did lit up my nights. Time, in its enchanting company, flew by on rosy wings….

Once I, with my Bud accompanying , ambled along the great river banks. The great river whose waters meandered along swiftly. I fondly let my Bud onto the frothy white crest of the great river to watch it dance gaily on the ripples. Wobbling and swaying merrily on the swell it rode the waves as I hopped gingerly besides it. It slowly drifted away from me and into the deep waters…I panicked and cried aloud but only my wails echoed in reply. I watched as it reduced to a minute speck in the midst of the flow and then soon sank into the benthic bottoms of the great river.

I am losing you


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Beautiful description !!

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its too good...nicely expressed

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