Saturday, October 16, 2010

This one's for YOU !

It’s not been long…
but it has been great..
Like a soothing song,
a simple dream that wipes all fret.
When it all did start…I never was sure

But that day I shall forever treasure.

How did you become a voice to my thoughts?
How do you know when I am in pain?
Why you always deem me before you?
Why does this bond everyday strengthen?

This selfless care you bestow on me
From hopeless despair you make me free
Boundless attachment bore endless affection
A nameless relation…so let it be

Not much do I have to say to you
But just a million things I want to share
And a little question I ask…
“Can I hold your hand ? “...cause
without you life is now so hard to bear.


wildflower said...

very romantic, as they say, full of love and longing..

hope you both have a long happy way to go together :)

................your's entirely said...

Wildflower Thanks for going through this post...hadn't expected you would read it this quickly...
This comment has to be replied this way...

"Fiction is nothing but alternate Reality"

Pragyan said...

very romantic one :)