Saturday, May 5, 2012

Smoke Dreams

Watery eyes so drained of sleep
Promises unmade but have to keep
With this day in the cradle of doom
The heart gulps down its own gloom
The hour of the shadows sigh and grunt
Why did we severe our hands on the blunt ?

Smoke dreams now just smother in flame.
The soul has none but it to blame
A mindless pursuit of a soul lost,
seeks out faith but shatters trust.

Those sand castles now stand in abandon
cry and plead the waves to crash upon.
Smoke dreams now burn in deserted darkness
They sting and bite which once did caress
Then guilt gusts the restless shame
airs the fire and gashes inflame

Smoke dreams now quiver to their swan song
Prick, pain and pine so young...

Life is not a snowflake

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