Wednesday, January 31, 2007

a 'blank' verse

In a state of recumbence subtle images of life’s parables fleet by.
The solitary mind serves as a peduncle of introspection, gulping down morsels of
Melancholy and ecstasy from the past-a Pegasus.
Silence bestows a pristine blessing on the moments.Carefully I ruminate and find myself delving into the recesses of the forgotten tense. Silence begins to evolve into symphony. Renditions of a ruminating soul.
Amidst the reverberations of eclectic melodies emerge a myriad of familiar faces,from the culverts of oblivion, they surface to charm me once again.The evanescent scenes invoke a sense of deja-vu in the hurt heart and soon fade into nothingness.
As I relive the ordeal, realizing the oracular conclusion………left once again with a lovely memory….an ode or an oddment?

1 comment:

pragyan paramita said...

You render me speechless :)
Its so unassailable and so pristine..leaves no room for vice...too good for a novice!!!