Monday, February 5, 2007


I wish to ....relish a quiet moment with you,
when communication shall not need words,silence prevailing between the souls shall serve to melt two hearts into a concoction –two hearts which desperately crave for an eternal unison

Steps shall coincide as we tread the red sands,the sea emanating a symphony so melodious that even the deluge of time seems to stop to hark to it.
Closeness assumes a whole new meaning when the
entities of time dissolve into nothingness

Separated by distances unknown,immeasureable when two wandering psyches glance at the night’s sky flooded with the quelling beams of the effulgent moon,stealing a moment of solitude from the bustling madness of the exasperating society to admire the beauty of the celestial wonder ....not without thoughts of our beloved caressing our
Innermost cores...moonstruck!

As the night unfolds into it’s unexplored territories
And mercury plumates to values rarely observed I desire to experience your feel-those hands tender yet nimble,sunk into my implicit,belongingness rendered tangible-concurrence in every wisp of feeling.feelings bearing so uncanny semblance that doubts of their origination becoming an inevitable reality.....confusing themselves too!!...hopelessly romantic

The hues of the heavens above darkened by the heavy nimbus clouds.As the incessant wrath of a downpour on a mid -august afternoon produces an almost cacophonous clamour,I crave to cherish an
Opportunity of being together ,perched on a
Parapet with you....a cup of steaming coffee in our hands....and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears as the untimely darkness bears testimony to the fact that our hearts are unfettered by the torrents the heavens offer,lost in each other’s presence so assiduously that the dissonance is music to our ears-the music of platonic amore

A bright Sunday morning as the sun begins to smile down merrily on the globe,yet we,sprawling in the bed even as the world begins to spring into life,reluctant to actuate, to veer out of the
Phantasmagoric vista which we together trod…in our chimeric fingers moving through your tantalizing tresses unkempt and undone attempting to ease out the flirtatious frizzes-an innocent prediliction nurtured and
exuding from within slowly and silently-a manifestation of uxoriousness.pampering you with the utmost sincerity and awaiting your reciprocation....yet unconditional

As the reverberations of conchs and cymbals shall fill
the atmosphere, as the sun after having blazed all day long sinks beneath the brims of horizon and the mural bathes in crimson and purple hues I shall sit beside you here at the abode of the Almighty thanking him earnestly for having ‘me’ saturated with’you’


pragyan paramita said...

Too good!!!simply stunning!!!...articulate use of words wid beautiful expressions exemplifying the subtlety of all emotions....frozen feelings submerged in a heart golden...lovely way of bringing out such a passionate piece of literature...u gt an amazing repertoire for the same....keep it up...n waiting to get saturated wid "more of it" :)

Amitansu said...