Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rang De Basanti...The colors of revolution

The chimes ring in...the baritone vocals of a troubadour start ringing in my ears as I plug the earphone into my ears..eyes shut,the lights in the room dimmed deliberately....

I listen religiously,word after word the lyrics get assimilated by my brains....evokes responses,evanescent and disturbing,I continue to absorb the musicality

“Thodi si dhul meri dharti ke mere watan ki,thodi si khusboo barai si mast pawan ki,thodi si......”(sing the rest to yourself)

The cathartic dust of a nation’motherly’,of a nation ‘divided’;of a ‘mother pieced’.Internal feuds,sects torn in war
The odour of nefarious jealousy,obnoxious terrorism,mawkish fraudulency all so utterly prevalent,so strangely obvious-that this status quo doesn’t even raise eyebrows....people carry on,unaffected.
The atrocities galore,manslaughter plentiful-living in
an era where certitude of the continuum of breath bears no affirmation

“sapnay rang de,apne rang de,nasle rang de,fasle rang de...rang de dhadkan,rang de sargam...”

Dreams of an utopia envisaged by our forefathers gone
up in ashes-leaving behind only a contrail of the past,united Family values fast vapourizing,Generations
succumbing to evils of nepotism,bribery,sleaze,
scaretricks and adultery.The poor famished abject poverty smirking at our faces....every heartbeat unsure of it’s successor....millions of lives terminating in a flash,...the only cadence echoing are the cries of a desperate mother,a bereft wife or an orphaned child.
Faces sallowed-a mirror of the turbulent times

“basti rang de,hasti rang de...rang de bachpan,rang de yovan...”

Epidemics widespread, health hazards unavoidable – the ghastly repercussions of unabated pollution....tainted morals of
the afflicted bourgeois....innocence of adolescence blurred by abhorrent vices,the exuberance of youth obscured by besmirched doctrines.

“....mohe tu rang de basanti,mohe tu...”

“LOOSE CONTROL”..We have already lost it.The reigns of our lives held precariously in the hands of social monsters-gnawing away at our roots.
But everything is ‘kewl’ with the young bunch.
“....from the mahal of the taj,to the minar of qutub,...THEY ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY-To the corners of the earth,what is our search worth?what is our destiny?”-queries for the Indian juvenility....

“Khalbali hai khalbali...”-emotions stirred,responsibilities realized,enthused,empowered,adrenaline search for answers-solutions rather.’NOW’ is the time to usher in the fresh colors of revolution-rang de basanti

“be a rebel”

“.....abhi abhi hua yakeen,ke aag hai mujhme kahin,....
Roobaroo roshni hai..”

A reincarnated conscience,believes resurrcted,powers unleashed-a new sun dawns on the tender minds.let ‘kewl’be a cliché’
Set your temperatures soaring....
... A nation calls,shall “a generation awaken?”


mushkan said...

heard this song innumerable times and gave all credits to the lyricist never thought that it cld also be interpreted this way.......

................your's entirely said...

thank you
for appreciating my point of view....go through my other writings

Anonymous said...

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