Thursday, January 13, 2011

Virgin Kiss

Let me kiss you when the moon is in it’s cloudy veil ?
Or may I kiss you when the surges swell ?
A kiss when the mighty sun is soft…
or a kiss when blossoms on breeze waft.
Can I kiss you where the sparkles flow
or can I kiss you when a million fireflies glow

A kiss that lights the stars in the dark
A kiss that makes miracles spark.
Let me kiss you with such delicate passion...
Kiss you for the sweet sensation…
I wonder ….our kiss can stop the ages…
A kiss that shall create eternal images.

A kiss to bring our souls so closer…
One that shall seal us together forever.
A kiss whose memories shall never die.
A kiss that will survive beyond Good Bye.
Let this virgin kiss in our heart fondly stay..
…till we live our final day.


simply me said...

very romantic!! :)

Anonymous said...

beautifully written!