Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last night I saw US living together forever. It had to be a dream or some other world. Reality is not meant for that. Trust me though, US is beautiful …pure and true. Let me tell you about US …US has a cherubic smile. It smiles from the heart…from it’s contended, loving heart with all longings satisfied expect the longing to find more love within… Ah ! speaking of love…US aces love. Amazingly, US can love in thousand ways every moment and when they are done it can love in thousand other ways the next moment. Such is US’ remarkable capacity to love that it loves everything and everyone, even those that you and me can only loathe.

US has a harmonious voice which has the melody of all the music that ever is. US sings the best love ballads to itself. US can dance as well ! You can see US’ dance even in Reality. The drops of rain falling from the sky dance like US. The winds in the mountains dance like US and so does the moonlight on a lake’s waters. US is warm like the winter sun and is hopeful like the maiden rains of summer. US is intoxicated like kissing lovers.US has the softest touch like the velvet caress of a feather. US has eyes but is blind to despair, hatred, vengeance and vanity.

US is calm but playful in its ways. US is afraid of Time as Time is capable of taking US to places which it doesn’t want to go…make it do things it doesn’t want to, US is scared of Time but it is happy that Time lives in Reality away from US. US said that it knows you and me and also said that before it was US it was just like you and me !

Amazing isn’t it ?

US is very patient. It can wait and endure seemingly endless hardships. It said that patience sees it through hard times and testing situations. Not everyone loves US but US has nothing against them US said that it had been through fights within itself too but always manages to resolve them. Love helps it to find truce to its conflicts, it admitted.

When I asked US if it can ever come to Reality it smiled and said for US wherever it is that is Reality. I was silenced by the reply. US went silent too but smiled.

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