Thursday, February 14, 2008


“You won’t make it through this long life without her.”, asserted Aniket.”Things wil sort themselves out once you acknowledge your heart”, He continued.”These tears that you are shedding will never stop as your love would never’s ‘DO OR DIE’ for you.Either you confess cause that’s what you should DO or you DIE as you won’t be able to live without her.Ten days of your self imposed estrangement have reduced you to one pathetic lot you have long years of lonliness ahead.”.Aniket who was known for his stumbling speech and immature contemplation had never sounded this firm.

Tears trickled down Aman’s furrowed cheek and dripped down to the floor below as he heard head held low between his clenched fists,elbows resting on his thighs.The phenomenally motivational oration was abruptly interfered by Debu’s authoritative voice ,”All rubbish!!”,he exclaimed.”You will be jeopardizing many a relations Aman.It’s not worth the trouble”. Aman who had been listening all the while just stood and began drudging out of the room into the rainstorm wrecking havoc outdoors seemingly unable to take anymore of this ‘counselling’.

As he started walking,dazed and clueless,the past began flashing before him like scenes from a movie.The day when He had seen her for the first time and how he had felt the firm ground beneath his feet giving way when she first glanced at him.The first time when she had walked upto him at the coffee place dressed in the magnificient black outfit. That was the first time they had talked to each other.He could still remember her elegant gait as she ascended the flight of stairs to the raised platform on which stood the coffee place….And those mesmerizing eyes how could he ever forget them

Before he could realize he was dashing on the road.”if you feel something for someone better say it before it’s too late”,her words echoed inside him as he soon found himself in the vicinity of the coffee place panting.

As he neared the place he could see the doe eyed beauty standing on the same podium all drenched ,all alone.The drops clambered on the tin roof of the coffee place.Dressed in the same orange and white suit in which she always managed to appear so stunningly charming.he walked upto her gasping for breath and as he drew close she whispered “what?!” in her usual cute manner.”Do I need to say?...”,he said.”…I LOVE YOU”,she intervened.the two lost themselves in each other’s embrace as the rain had allayed somewhat and a relative calm had befallen over the ambience.”HAPPY VALENTINES’ DAY”,he whispered in her ears.


Sach said...

Rightly said, "All's well that end's well!"
Well witten..Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

How many happy endings do real life stories have??

................your's entirely said...

@ anonymous
....exactly....therearen't many...that's why they exixt in fiction...or in dreams....just like this one....